Looking for things to do with kids in Chesham, Buckinghamshire?

Keep an eye out for new events and activities – we will be continuing to introduce new things to do for all the family.


Tuesday 14th March 2017 7:30pm – 11:30 Come and join us for dinner at our Supper Club! 3 courses for £30!

Bring your friends and come and eat out at one of your locals on Chesham High Street! Order cocktails at our fancy bar!
Tables must be booked in advance. Adults only 🙂

Meet a Mum. This runs every Monday and is completely informal. Chat with other mums around the Play Frame and make new friends.

Most Tuesdays at 11:30 – We put down the rug or sit in the play frame and children come and listen to Ros read some classic stories.

Art at TSP! We are so proud to exhibit original art works from the amazing Vivid Rebel!

Come and say hi to our fish!

Spring/Summer – Traditional Punch and Judy show followed by magic, snack then balloon animals. Tickets should be book in advance.